Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Bit of This a Bit of That

Our friend Jeremy stopped by to visit and had dinner with us on his way back from a wedding. This was the first time he met Dominic. We had a lovely evening and a few wonderful conversations that sparked Dear Hubby and I to now become hooked on Battle Star Galactica the TV series. We are still watching the series and anxiously awaiting its conclusion.

R's Birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, which made celebrating it even easier since we were getting together with family that day anyway. She felt like she had a huge party and feast in her honor, yet I had little to no work to "pull it off". She even chose a very simple cake for me to make. Her tastes are obviously more grown up now because she wanted me to make her a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and Heath Toffee between the layers and on top. Surprisingly she didn't want a cute character cake or even a colorful "Happy Birthday", just this cake with an orange 4 on it. That was easy!

For the first time, we went to see the town square be lit up in preparation for Christmas. We let the kids turn in their Pizza Hut Book-it certificates for free pizza and then went to eat our pizza at the festivities. Live music and a reading of the "Night Before Christmas" were performed before the arrival of Santa. We counted down from 10 to 1 and then Santa threw the switch for the lights. The kids were amazed to see the lights all in the trees and on the lamp posts. We even bought a figurine for our nativity scene at a local tourist gift shop devoted solely to Christmas items.

The three oldest kids were in the play "Annie" at the local high school. M was Tessie, the whiner and most annoying orphan, C was Molly, the youngest Hannigan orphan, and T was Whacky, a marionette puppet and tourist. It was a lot of work for all of us, but the kids enjoyed themselves tremendously.