Wednesday, February 23, 2011

History Museum Field Trip

Grammy met us at the Indiana State History Museum for a field trip. M has been studying the prehistorical and early history of Indiana, while T has been doing state history. We were able to learn more about both on the same trip. We enjoyed the usual history exhibits, as well as, "Odd Indiana", "Art for the Nation", and "Fancy and Frugal Indiana Quilts" exhibits. They were also having a very neat art exhibit for artists from Indiana. It was one of the best days to go to the museum, because we also were able to hear a speech from Abraham Lincoln and the kids got their picture with him. I think the kids just love it that we are able to do so many field trips...and even Grammy and Daddy were able to be a part of it. You have got to love home schooling!
After the museum, we were able to visit Aunt Susan who has been on bed rest. This picture was taken of her when she was about 17 weeks and I was 12 weeks. It is hard to believe that she is only 5 weeks further along than I am. I guess carrying twins really makes a difference.

R's Tea Party

While the other kids were attending a birthday party with a "skwary" clown, as R would say, she and I had a tea party. We made tea, invited some of her dolls, and had a little picnic in the living room. She felt like such a big girl that I had to capture this moment for her. I think she had a wonderful time, because she kept saying, "I whove you Mommy!" Oh, the joys of a three year old. Who would have thought that such simple pleasures would mean so much?

February's First Friday Activities

I led the February First Friday activities again this year. We discussed heroes and saints, which are holy heroes of the faith, and emphasized the importance of practicing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. The kids did one of each. They decorated Kleenex boxes to give the residents at the nursing home and prayed a decade of the rosary for the living and the deceased residents (spiritual work). Afterward, we delivered the boxes to the residents and visited with them (corporal work). I made sure to emphasize the passage about storing up treasure in heaven (Matthew 6:19-21) by doing good works here on earth, just as the saints did.

As a little foretaste of that heavenly reward after performing two works of mercy, I surprised the kids with cookies. Of course, the cookies were part of the lesson, too. As they decorated them, I explained the symbolism of each part. The two connected hearts symbolize our union with God when we reach heaven and that our will should be conformed perfectly to God's Will to ensure entrance into heaven. The three red candies symbolize the Trinity, because if our will is in union with God's Will, He will be with us even here on earth. Last, but not least, they were sugar cookies, which are very sweet. I don't think I even need to say that this was a symbol of life in heaven being "Sweeeeeet!". LOL!

Recent Forensics Field Trip

These are some of the activities at the children's museum where we had our forensics field trip. It was an eventful day, to say the least! The kids had a blast, even though there was A LOT of drama that day.