Monday, March 29, 2010

March Museum Trip

The kids and I visited the Children's Museum on Friday and the State Museum on Saturday. Grammy and Paw-paw were able to go with us, too. There were lots of really cool things to see and plenty to do. They had a really neat traveling Abraham Lincoln exhibit. The best part, though, was the Civil War reenactment and talking to the volunteers and experts on the late 1800's.

The girls and Grammy found the army wives to be fascinating. They asked them loads of questions and were able to use the antique sewing machine. The next favorite part was the doctor table where they got to see some medical instruments used in the Civil War. (The picture makes the props look more realistic than they did in person.)

T was very happy to "enlist" in the army for a few minutes and was able to learn some of the drill moves. He liked it so much that he asked if he could do it again.

Though it was a very long day and mostly geared toward older kids, I am glad we stayed and looked through the whole museum. We will definitely be back again to revist the past and to learn more about the antiques, fossils, animals, and exhibits that they have at the Indiana State Museum.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Chicken Coop

Here is our chicken coop from start to finish. We've spent the past month building it, little by little. As the chicks have grown, so has the coop. Thanks goes to the kids for painting it and Dear Hubby for his excellent engineering skills! It is finally finished. Just in time, too, because the chicks were outgrowing their brooding cages. They spent their first night in the coop last night.

Family Retreat

This Lent, we attended another family retreat at Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center. We all had a very wonderful and blessed time. The older kids were able to learn more about the Mass, the Eucharist, Confession, and the holy vessels used at Mass, while Dear Hubby and I attended the talks on the 5 Marian stones. It was very educational for all of us. I was a blessing to be there. The little girls were able to do some crafts such as making kites, wreaths, and book marks, as well as, putting stickers on the stations of the cross coloring booklets they made. There was something for everyone.
I feel especially blessed that there was a lovely woman named Donna who helped out with baby E. She held him during every meal and allowed me a little bit of time to enjoy my food. Thank God for such a holy place in this desert land of secularism!

If you are interested in making a retreat check out their website:

Our St. Patrick's Day

Here is how we spent our St. Patrick's Day. We read the story of St. Patrick, attended the noon Mass at our parish, had a picnic lunch at a nearby park, and ate a very "green" dinner with Daddy. Here is a list of some of the green things we ate: jello, green beans, mashed potatoes, milk, beer, frosting, green ice cream, pickles, and lettuce. Of course, we all wore green, as well. It was a very festive day in the midst of our Lenten season.

Grandpa's Visit

I know this is old news, but here are a few pictures of Grandpa's last visit. We celebrated T's Birthday and played with his presents. Everyone had a good time, including Grandpa :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

March's First Friday Activities

This month we learned about St. Katherine Drexel (Katie). One of the Moms from our home school group, who is also an accomplished author, treated us to a wonderful story about Katie's life as a child, discernment, and great works of charity. Afterwards, the kids split into groups and played a game that reinforced the importance of saving souls over the importance of money. (If you don't know about St. Katherine Drexel, she gave away all 12 million dollars of her inheritance to the poor!) The kids had lots of fun playing the game, but were even happier to receive a traditional Lenten treat: home-made pretzels. Yummy!

As we were leaving, one of the kids said, "I am so glad we came!" All the others chimed in, "Me, too! Thanks, Mommy!" Oh, the joys of the little things in life. :)

Chickens at the Copper Corral

Well, it is official. We are the proud owners of a dozen chickens. Ten pullets and two roosters. The kids were so excited. I can hardly wait until we have "farm fresh" eggs. I am not looking forward to the day we butcher our first chicken, though. I've warned the kids that the chickens are not pets, but food. However, even our oldest is already thinking up names for the pullets (her favorite name is Heidi). This makes me think they are already getting attached to the chickens. Maybe when the chicks get older, and uglier, they'll loose interest in them.

M is excited to collect eggs. She's already called dibs on collecting the first batch of eggs. I tried to give her some perspective on what is involved with the chickens. I told her I will expect the kids to help feed, water, and clean out the chicken coop. She said, "That's fine." I thought for sure she'd complain. Wow, how she is growing up into such a fine young lady. :)