Monday, May 23, 2011

C Cuts Her Hair

On the Tuesday after she made her First Holy Communion, C decided it was time to get her hair cut. Daddy started the tradition (with a small "t") of letting the girls decide if they want short hair after they've made their First Holy Communion. This way they still look like a little girl on such an important day. He figured they are old enough at the age of reason to start taking a shower and washing their own hair, if they decide to have it cut. C had Grammy, who is a beautician, cut her hair before she left to go back up north. Grammy cut off about 12 inches of hair. C will be sending it away this week to the Locks of Love organization that makes wigs for kids who've lost their own hair through either cancer treatments or the disease Alopecia.

I think it made Daddy a little sad to see her cut off all her hair. I'll admit I really haven't gotten used to the new look, yet. However, knowing that her hair is going to be used to make a little boy or girl very happy, is a consolation. C looks so grown up now with her new hair cut. I thought she'd regret it, but she still says she loves it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

C's First Holy Communion

T used his Mass Kit and pretended to celebrate Mass on Saturday, so that C could practice for her First Holy Communion on Sunday. Grammy and Paw-Paw also attended and joined in singing and role playing. I think it helped C to better prepare for the big day.

C and the two boys who also received their First Holy Communion. Don't they look so cute and excited. This was right before Mass began.

Just after Mass, C poses with Jesus in the tabernacle and in her heart. She was so happy! My mom captured a rare picture of all of us after Mass, and surprisingly, everyone is looking at the camera.

This is the cake on which I used fondant and gum paste to create stalks of wheat and three-dimensional grapes. I was very blessed to have found a chalice cake topper that fit very well and was inexpensive. It made the cake look so much better.

This is the chocolate cake that C helped to decorate with real roses she cut from our rose bush. This chocolate cake was the first to go. It was made with the King Aurthur Flour chocolate cake mix a friend gave me. It was, by far, the best cake I've ever made. I was told this my nearly everyone in attendance who devoured it. I also made some cupcakes for the little kids to enjoy. I found the "host" idea on; it uses the end of a large marshmallow. Her blog has the directions, though she used the idea on cookies.

We were so blessed to have family and "church family" celebrate with us on this special day. Some of our special guests included two of the priests we see most often, Fr. M and Fr. J. C was so happy they both were able to stop by and visit for awhile. It made the day even more special. Fr. M was even able to bless many of C's First Holy Communion gifts after playing a friendly game or two of euchre.

Yogurt and Water Fun

E made quite the mess eating his yogurt the other day. He enjoyed eating like a big boy, all my himself, though I think he ended up wearing more than he ate.

The kids were so grateful that it had gotten warm enough to play in the sprinkler. E wasn't so sure about the falling water, but he had a great time splashing and pouring water in a large bowl with R.

E liked just running around half naked on the deck, too. Look at that smile!

E is quite the little man now and acting more and more grown up all the time. He'll make a great big brother when our newest blessing arrives in August.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Latest Happenings

Playdough fun with the cake making kit.

Green Eggs and Ham to go with our Dr. Seuss story.

A family friend made her First Holy Communion this past Sunday. Her mom did an excellent job on the cake!

A mole the girls found in the yard. It has been so wet that this little guy couldn't even stay underground. He was very active and fun to watch.