Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upcoming Candlemas Day Ideas

Candlemas will be here soon, Feb. 2, and it is time to celebrate the Presentation of the Lord. (Remember, it is the fourth Joyful Mystery of the Holy Rosary.) Here are some great ideas to think about using in your home. Check out this blog:
Check back later to see which of these neat ideas we were able to use in our celebration. God bless.

Grandpa's Visit

This past weekend, Grandpa was able to come over and celebrate B and C's birthdays. They were very excited to open presents. Even the older kids wanted to join in and play with the Barbie house and the riding doll, including T! Although, he was using the riding helmet as a gas mask and saying she was wearing combat boots (see the last picture). We had a very nice visit with Grandpa and the kids hated to see him leave.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Skiing with Daddy or Applied Physics Class

Dear Hubby took the oldest two kids skiing on Monday with our home school group. This was the first time they had been skiing. Even though they didn't take the skiing class at the slopes, they did just fine. Dear Hubby taught them all they needed to know. By the end of the day, M and T were loving it and doing very well. When I asked them if they wanted to do it again sometime, they immediately answered, "Definitely! YES!" Dear hubby even had a good time, saying it was better than some skiing he'd done in the past at much bigger slopes.
Some people may frown upon the use of a Monday to go skiing instead of doing written work. However, I think it is very important that the kids experience physics in motion. I also think that this was a great experience to teach them perseverance and some important life lessons.
Dear hubby was constantly pushing them out of their comfort zone and challenging them to try a little bigger slope or more advanced run. I think they now understand just how hard it is to ski. We will more than likely be watching some of the upcoming winter Olympics. I hope now that they will be able to see how much effort goes into mastering a skill like skiing, ice skating, etc.
Sorry about the lack of pictures. Apparently, dear hubby thought I had charged the camera battery and I thought he had charged the camera battery. Oh, well, at least we got this picture to prove that they actually did it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Geology Field Trip

As I stated in my earlier post, the topic for this month's Science Club is geology. The follow-up field trip was to a man-made cavern under the city of Louisville called the Mega Caverns. M, T, C, Eli, and I went to the caverns. It was a very interesting trip. We learned about mining techniques, cave formations, Kentucky limestone, and the importance of this cavern during the Cold War. The cavern is used for numerous things. Some uses are for storage of vehicles, Louisville's road salt, old films for some of the big Hollywood movie studios, food supplies, warehouses, etc. To learn more about this fascinating cavern check out their website.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Science Club and Mini-Vacation

M did a chemistry report on how baking soda works in baked goods. She made Honey Comb Candy to demonstrate the results of adding baking soda to foods.
It was a really cool idea and a very quick project. Instant results are a wonderful thing when it comes to last minute science projects.
This month the topic was geology and T and M made models of the earth's interior and fossils during their class time. I'll try to post their geology science project when we get them finished.

We've been very busy lately and I decided to take a mini-vacation to Indy. Dear Hubby was there for a conference and we drove to meet up with him so we could have some family time on Friday night. We stayed at a hotel that had an indoor pool so we could let the kids swim (Physical Education). They really enjoyed it. It was Eli's first time swimming and he loved it.
Aunt Susan, Uncle Brian, Aunt Meg, and some of the cousins were able to come and swim with us too. We had a very nice time visiting with them.

A friend of ours from college, Jeremy, also was able to drop by and eat dinner with us at the hotel. Jeremy introduced Dear Hubby and I while we were at college. Thanks Jeremy! We love you.

After our hotel stay, we went to the Children's Museum. We were able to see some of the exhibits before having to leave due to R getting sick in the lobby. That was on Saturday. Whatever she picked up, she has successfully passed it on to all of us, except for the baby.

What little we were able to see of the museum was good. They had a traveling Barbie exhibit that the girls really enjoyed. It had a very cute little run way where the kids could dress up and pretend to be a fashion model. Theodore liked being the photographer.

The kids also liked the ice cream soda shop and the Egyptian coffee house. Playing dress-up and restaurant is always a my kids' favorite. The carousel was the most requested attraction, so we made sure to ride it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Excellent Explanation on "Mass" Entertainment

Ever feel like Mass is boring? Are Catholics missing something that Protestants have to offer? Why is the liturgy so blah? Check out my friend's blog response to this issue. It is a very insightful and articulate response to these questions.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Birthday Bash at the Copper Corral

We've had an eventful weekend with celebrating two birthdays two days apart. Here are some of the pictures from the party. B wanted a Winnie the Pooh cake and I obliged her request this year. It is the first time that the two girls have had separate birthday parties and separate cakes. I think B thought it was really cool to be able to have whatever she wanted on her cake.

If anyone is interested in knowing my secret to doing these kind of cakes it is the use of a stencil. I make my own stencils from old coloring books. The key is to try to pick a character or picture that has a rather simple outline. You then just need to cut it out and use a toothpick to trace the outline into the cake. Once you do that it is just a matter of "coloring" your picture with the right color of frosting.

The cake was extra moist this time and we are still enjoying the left-overs. Happy B-day, B! May God bless you in the new year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Busy Year So Far

We celebrated our fourth and fifth Christmas over the New Year weekend. Dear Hubby's half-sister and her family visited. The kids were able to play with their cousins all day. Everyone had a great time visiting, sharing a meal, and exchanging gifts. Though, they only live two hours away, it is hard to get everyone together as often as we'd like.

That same evening Grandpa Buck and Grandma Mary came to visit, too. Like always, the kids were spoiled with way too many presents (or at least this mom think so because I have to keep track of every one's stuff e.i. pick them up, search for missing pieces, referee over toy fights, etc.)

Though, I am sure the kids think otherwise. The kids were very grateful for all the attention and time they were able to spend with Grandpa Buck and Grandma Mary. An added bonus to the weekend was that the grandparents were able to spend the night and then go with us to the Home Depot kids' workshop. Our kids were able to put together and make wooden block calendars. When we finally made it home after lunch, everyone was excited to paint them. That is what the kids are doing in the third picture.

On Sunday we celebrated Epiphany. Dear Hubby blessed the house with blessed chalked as the rest of the family all stood outside to pray with him. Afterwards, we attended a neighboring homeschooling family's Epiphany party. Dear Hubby and I played the role of Mary and Joseph, while little Eli acted as baby Jesus. I think Elias played the part rather well. He looked really cute all wrapped up in swaddling clothes. The Magi made their appearance and brought us some nifty gifts. There were quite a few kids there and I know they all loved playing with one another. I think mine like singing the Christmas carols the best. We are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors.

Our other excitement this week has consisted of going to a magic show at the local mall and seeing Mr. Mustache. The kids loved him. He was very silly and did all sort of neat little tricks that kids really enjoy. While at the mall, B decided to get her early birthday present. She got her ears pierced. B will be turning 4 this Sunday and that is what she has been asking for this year. I am not sure that she really knew what she was getting, but now that she has them, I think she likes them pierced. B cried when she got them done, but quickly stopped when the lady asked if she wanted a sucker and a sticker. The second photo is obviously of the sticker. She was so proud of that sticker! She even tried to fight to wear it to bed on her pajamas. Too funny how attached kids can become to a sticker. I told her the picture of her wearing it will have to suffice. I am not keeping every sticker that she has ever worn or will ever get. I guess I am just a mean Mommy. Oh, well, get used to it kid.